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Events at Hawthorne
Sunday, July 18th

Hawthorne Harness Stake Race

Where: Hawthorne Race Track

Date Race Class

5/21 Robert F Carey, Jr. Memorial Leg 1 3cp
5/22 Plum Peachy Leg 1 3fp
5/23 Beulah Dygert Memorial Leg 1 3ft
5/23 Erwin F Dygert Memorial Leg 1 3ct
6/4 Cardinal 3 yo CP Card 3cp
6/5 Violet 3 yo FP Violet 3fp
6/6 Cardinal 3 yo CT Card 3ct
6/6 Violet 3 yo FT Violet 3ft
6/25 Incredible Finale Leg 1 2cp
6/26 Incredible Tillie Leg 1 2fp
6/27 Fox Valley Flan Leg 1 2ft
6/27 Kadabra Leg 1 2ct
6/25 Plum Peachy Leg 2 3fp
6/26 Robert F Carey, Jr Memorial Leg 2 3cp
6/27 Beulah Dygert Memorial Leg 2 3ft
6/27 Erwin F Dygert Memorial Leg 2 3ct
7/9 Cardinal 2 yo CP Card 2cp
7/10 Violet 2 yo FP Violet 2fp
7/11 Cardinal 2 yo CT Card 2ct
7/11 Violet 2 yo FT Violet 2ft
7/16 Incredible Tillie Leg 2 2fp
7/17 Incredible Finale Leg 2 2cp
7/18 Fox Valley Flan Leg 2 2ft
7/18 Kadabra Leg 2 2ct
7/23 Robert F Carey, Jr Memorial Leg 3 3cp
7/24 Plum Peachy Leg 3 3fp
7/25 Beulah Dygert Memorial Leg 3 3ft
7/25 Erwin F Dygert Memorial Leg 3 3ct
9/17 Fox Valley Flan Leg 3 2ft
9/17 Incredible Tillie Leg 3 2fp
9/17 Incredible Finale Leg 3 2cp
9/17 Kadabra Leg 3 2ct
9/17 Robert S. Molaro Elims Elim ahgp
9/18 Plesac Elims Elim at
9/18 Tony Maurello Elims Elim amp
9/18 Robert F Carey, Jr Memorial Leg 4 3cp
9/18 Beulah Dygert Memorial Leg 4 3ft
9/18 Plum Peachy Leg 4 3fp
9/18 Erwin F Dygert Memorial Leg 4 3ct
9/25 Fox Valley Flan Final 2ft
9/25 Incredible Finale Final 2cp
9/25 Incredible Tillie Final 2fp
9/25 Kadabra Final 2ct
9/25 Plum Peachy Final 3fp
9/25 Robert F Carey, Jr Memorial Final 3cp
9/25 Beulah Dygert Memorial Final 3ft
9/25 Erwin F Dygert Memorial Final 3ct
9/25 Tony Maurello Final amp
9/25 Molaro Final ahgp
9/25 Plesac Final at
9/26 NOC Consolation races


When:   Sundays during Hawthorne's Harness meet
Where: All Club Hawthorne Locations

Earn a Chance at 1,000,000 Club Hawthorne Points! That's $10,000!


If you win Late Pick 5 on the scheduled race dates, you and all other Pick 5 winners split a share of 50,000 Club Hawthorne bonus points. If no one wins Hawthorne Pick 5, the Club Hawthorne points will carry over to the next scheduled Pick 5 race day.

For more information contact Guest Services at (708) 780- 3733

July Tournaments at Club Hawthorne OTBs

Live Money Tournament. Keep What You Win. No Entry Fee!

Saturday, July 17th & Sunday, July 18th

(2) NHC Entries with $400 Live Bankroll
July 17th
(2) NHC Entries with $400 Live Bankroll
July 18th

OTB Pick 6 Contest

Play the Hawthorne Harness Pick 6 Contest every Sunday!

AVAILABLE at Club Hawthorne OTBs ONLY

Hawthorne Race Course is an equal opportunity employer.

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