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Events at Hawthorne
Saturday, December 21st

Club Hawthorne 12 Days of Gifting

When:   November & December

12 Days of Gifting starts Saturday, November 16th!

Nov. 16th - 3X Hawthorne Points
Nov. 21st - Earn a Chance at 50K Points on Hawthorne Late Pick 4
Nov. 22nd - Surprise Pop Up Tickets: Club Points
Nov 23rd - Surprise Pop Up Tickets: Hawthorne Wagers
Nov. 29th - Enter to Win Holiday Gift Cards
Nov. 30th - 4X Points on Hawthorne Trifectas
Dec. 6th - 3X Points on Hawthorne Daily Doubles
Dec. 7th - Club Hawthorne Gift Giveaway (while supplies last)
Dec. 13th - Enter to Win 50K Club Points
Dec. 14th - Double Payout on Hawthorne Late Pick 4
Dec. 20th - Enter to Win Holiday Gift Cards
Dec. 21st - Surprise $10 Pop Up Wagers

Hawthorne Race Course is an equal opportunity employer.  

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