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The Off-Season Blaaahgs May 29, 2007

By The Bitter Pill

      My wife tells me I need a vacation. My friends insist that I take some time and re-examine my priorities, perhaps on an island far, far away.  They say I was once a happy guy. You know the type… smiling no matter what, glass always half full, a real annoying son-of-a-gun.  They think that racing is starting to get to me.  I’m told that I begin every conversation with, “Did you see that freakin’ trip I got?”  Maybe I need therapy, but a vacation?  I think not.

     You see it ain’t that easy to get away, pardon the grammar.  I currently have a list of seventeen “HORSES TO WATCH,” any of whom may be entered during my absence.  All of these horses on my “list” are expected to perform miracles in their next start. Am I to miss the awakening?  Just ten days ago I noted a particularly horrific ride with the comment, “jockey in need of corrective vision.” What if that horse is entered while I’m away … with a visually capable jockey?  Am I to just ignore it?

     I have another horse on my list who, in his last start, stumbled leaving the gate, recovered nicely, and showed courage through the lane to best all but the winner.  What if it’s entered while I’m off having fun somewhere?  It would be an opportunity missed of which there are so few.  No siree Bob!  Vacations are for people with lives, damn it.  I have a list!

     Granted, I could take an optimistic view that most, if not all of these horses will not run while I am away. Maybe I’ll be saving money, building the bank, so to speak, and I can return with a vengeance.  I can make my Honey happy and maybe rejuvenate the spirit.  I can play a few rounds of golf and toss back a few cold Amstels.  Basking in the sun might be just the tonic this horse player needs. Yes, I can see the potential.

     Are you out of your mind!  I’ve got horses on that list that will allow me to BUY an island, let alone borrow one for a few days.  If things go as planned, I’ll key a few of these horses in a pick six or pick four and change the course of my life.  It can happen you know. I’ve seen it.  

     I’ll get away someday, maybe even soon. With the advent of internet wagering and information just a click away, I can probably go on vacation now and still stay on top of the list. Maybe it could be a working vacation.  I’m just not sure my wife would understand.  Something tells me that when we return she’ll begin every sentence with “Did you see that freakin’ trip I got”? 

     Does anyone understand the power of the list?

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