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Ship-In Assignments for Weekend of 7-17 through 7-19

Hawthorne Race Course Racing Protocols and Procedures


On days when live races are conducted at Hawthorne Race Course, the following protocols will be implemented:


1.       ALL persons wishing to enter the backstretch will have their temperature taken before being allowed access to the grounds. Any person registering a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed onto the grounds.  ONLY LICENSED, ESSENTIAL personnel needed to conduct qualifiers will be allowed onto the grounds. License office will be open from 3PM-9PM on live racing nights. PLEASE GET LICENSE BEFORE COMING TO BACKSTRETCH! Please allow ample time for arrival so you are not late to the backstretch

2.       Horse owners are not allowed on the backstretch unless they are an essential caretaker for a horse.

3.       Facial coverings MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES in public areas.  Anyone who does not follow the facial covering rule will be asked to leave the grounds. Horsemen are to come equipped with their own facial covering. Facial coverings are to cover the mouth and nose

4.       Horses shipping in to race will be assigned stalls to ship into.  Those stalls will be disinfected prior to horse’s arrival and again following horse’s departure.  Trainers must ship into their ship-in stalls only. Hawthorne will use Barns D, 1 & K2 for ship in access. There will be an empty stall between each trainer’s assigned ship-in stalls to allow for social distancing.

5.       On live race nights, ALL horses in to race must have a security stall sign posted next to stall for their horse.  Security stall signs can be picked up at the entrance gate or security office. Please have tape on hand to be able to display sign.

6.       Trainers must provide their own bedding for horses shipping in.

7.       Horses stabled on the backstretch of Hawthorne Race Course will remain in their assigned stalls and report to Barn 1, West aisle prior to their race. Trainers are responsible for making sure they are to Barn 1 on time.

8.       For each race, ONLY ONE attendant is allowed in Barn 1 per horse unless circumstances call for a second attendant for safety reasons.

9.       Prior to each race, horses will line up in the West Aisle of Barn 1.  Drivers will hook up race bikes at that location prior to going onto track.

10.   Once on the racetrack, drivers will be allowed to remove facial coverings if they feel it is a safety concern. Otherwise drivers will be asked to keep facial coverings on.

11.   Upon completion of each race, drivers will unhook race bikes once off racetrack and horses will be walked back to barns.

12.   ONLY TWO PEOPLE are allowed in the winner’s circle following a race. The driver and one other person can be in the winner’s circle for a win photo.


Ship In Barn Assignments for July 17 – July 19

Barn D

Perry Smith – Stall 1

Mike Brown – Stall 3

Kennedy Lindsey – Stalls 5-6

Mark P’Pool – Stalls 8-9

Bruce Alexander – Stall 10

J D Yoder – Stall 12

Justin Roberson – Stall 14

Mike Letton – Stall 16

Scott Galloway – Stall 18

Rick Schrock – Stalls 20-21

William Crone – Stalls 23-25

Dale Knox – Stall 27

Willie Bell – Stall 29

Tom Simmons – Stalls 30-31

Todd Warren – Stalls 33-35

Jenna Lubeck – Stall 37

Eligio Boccia – Stall 39

Steve Searle – Stalls 40-44, 50-54

Kim Roth – Stalls 45-49

Jim Eaton – Stalls 56-58

Leslie Miller – Stall 59

Sanford Ropp – Stall 61

Dennis Bankston – Stall 63

Merle Finn, Jr. – Stalls 65-66

Mike Rogers – Stall 67

Cordarius Stewart – Stall 69

Rikki Soteras-Finn – Stall 71

Floyd Young – Stall 73

Hector Herrera – Stalls 75-76

Gary Rath – Stalls 77-79, 87-89

Al Scholz – Stalls 81-82

Mike Brink – Stalls 84-86, 94-96

Greg Kain – Stalls 91-92

Merv Chupp – Stalls 97-101

Terry Leonard – Stalls 103-106, 112-114

Gerald Hansen – Stalls 107-108

Erv Miller – Stall 100


Barn 1

Jason Wilson – Stall 35

Dan Shetler – Stall 37

Rick Schulze – Stall 38

Mark Kennedy – Stall 40

Roland Henert – Stall 42

Darla Martin-Lohman – Stall 44

Wayne Temple – Stall 45

Kim Hamilton – Stall 46

Jerry Mims – Stalls 47-48

Dennis Gardner – Stall 50

Nelson Willis – Stalls 52-54, 67-68

Kevin Miller – Stall 55

Ivar Hyngstrom – Stall 56

Harold Herrera – Stall 57

Phillip Glenn – Stall 59

Vickie Moored – Stall 60

Tony Farina – Stall 61

Homer Hochstetler – Stalls 62-63

Charles Eustis, Jr. – Stall 64

David Moseley – Stall 65

Cornelius Cavett – Stall 66

Clifford O’Beirne – Stall 69

Larry Plank – Stall 71


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