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Plan Now for After-Thanksgiving Friday – Part 2

Plan Now for After-Thanksgiving Friday – Part 2

By M. Scott McMannis

Yesterday in this space we began to tell you about all the special attractions and promotions scheduled for this coming Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  For example:

  • First post returns to 1:10 PM next Friday!
  • Arrive early for a free Budweiser Cap!
  • Enter to win a free trip to Jamaica!
  • Enter to win a free two-year lease of a PT Cruiser!
  • Enter to win a free VIP Suite package!
  • Enter to win free betting vouchers!

Here’s more information on Friday’s on-track attractions.


How about treating yourself to the Soup & Sandwich Buffet in the Gold Cup Dining Room?  All that and a reserved seat at a table for all the afternoon’s racing action for just $9.95, the best dining and entertainment deal around.

If you wish to go a little lighter, we will be offering Vienna Beef Pups, the mini hot dogs, for just 50 cents each at the concession stands.  Join them up with a refreshing 16-ounce Bud draft for just $2.00.


Once again, Hawthorne is taking the industry’s leading rewards program and making it better for a special day.  Just use your Club Hawthorne card to bet $100 on Hawthorne’s live races on the Friday after Thanksgiving and you will earn a bonus of a Hawthorne sweatshirt valued at $16.  That represents a 16% return on your $100 investment.  Add in the usual 4% return you always earn when betting the live Hawthorne races on your Club Hawthorne card and your total return on your investment is 20%, for just one day.  Where else can you get a return like that?

Also, by betting $100 on Hawthorne’s live races next Friday, using your Club Hawthorne card, you will automatically be entered to win an Apple iPod (30G, with video, $350 value). 


What would a special day be without a sale?  You will want to visit the Club Hawthorne Redemption Center on the first floor.  Clothing, books, and other racing-related items will be available at special sale prices of up to 50% off for Club Hawthorne members.  Just another reason you should have a Club Hawthorne card.  You can get one, for free, while you are at the Club Hawthorne Redemption Center.


To help celebrate the Day After Thanksgiving Event, our partner, Budweiser, is arranging for a special appearance by the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales.  Obviously, we like horses.  And, most of us have been physically close to Thoroughbreds.  But have you ever been close to a Clydesdale?  If not, you are in for an experience.  If you think a Thoroughbred is big, get close to a Clydesdale.  The average Clydesdale weighs a ton, literally, which is twice the weight of the average Thoroughbred.  Take advantage of the opportunity to meet the Clydesdales, their handlers, and Dalmatian mascot

and a lot more...........

  •  The Score Radio live remote broadcast, here!
  • Special displays and showings!
  • Meet the Bud Girls, Hawthorne Fillies, and Beulah Twins!


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