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It Makes Far More Sense


It really isnít rocket science.

We all probably started coming to the racetrack because of curiosity and wide-eyed wonder about the beautiful animals. After all, there are few things in this world as majestic as a horse and there arenít many children that havenít dreamed of riding, perhaps owning, one of these gorgeous animals.

The children still stare and dream. So do the parents but now itís about other things. We dream about a possible life-changing experience, or at least a decent longshot. Most of us go to the racetrack to wager. Some just want action but most want to walk away with a nice profit.

So, one has to ask, why do so many simply throw money away?

If you had a winning ticket that was accidentally dropped, wouldnít you do your best to find it? How long would you look? What is your time worth?

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the payouts? Do you know how they are calculated? Did you ever notice that there is a difference in the payout amount, often vast, depending on the wagering venue?

Slogans can get tiresome but most, like most myths, have some basis in fact. The old ďItís better live at HawthorneĒ catchphrase fits that description perfectly. Iíll explain and try to explain it so that even I can understand it.

A casual but regular bettor wagering about $3000 per year (that really isnít much; itís less than $10 per day on average; possibly far less when you consider churn) who was also a member of Club Hawthorne would earn a rebate of $30. So, if this person came out dead even (and that doesnít happen since we all win, right?), he, or she, would still be $30 ahead. Not impressive but nice to know. Thatís a 1% reward for just becoming a member. However, if you wager $1000 in a 30-day period (far more common) that benefit increases to 2% on live races. Thatís about $20 a month. That doesnít sound like a lot but multiply it over 12 months. Thatís starting to sound like real money. It gets even better at higher wagering levels but most of us will fit into one of these two categories.

But, thatís not all, not by a longshot (pun intended).

How hard would it be the make that same kind of money if you wagered at another racetrack or OTB? Did you know that there is a surcharge of one and a half percent at other tracks and a full two and a half percent at OTBs?

Weíll use the $1000 number since the math is easy; though this time weíll use it as the payoff in one of the exotic wagers. Thatís not at all uncommon in bets such as Trifectas, Superfectas, Pick 4s, Pick 6s, Pick 9s, High Fives, and occasionally others. If you wager at another venue you donít get the Club Hawthorne reward, though that could be minimal depending on the size of the wager. However, that $1000 payout at Hawthorne would be only $985 at another racetrack and only $975 at an OTB.

In fact, up to $25 would be lost for every $1000 worth of payouts, of any type, t hat were wagered at another location. How many times do you have to experience that before you start to feel the pain?

On the back of the Club Hawthorne brochure, they write that a Silver Member (thatís the $1000 worth of wagers in a 30-day period level) earns back at least $500 more than any OTB player but when payouts are considered, it could be many times that.

See, as we said at the beginning; it really isnít rocket science. Itís just simple math.

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