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HD TV, Contests Galore, 10 months of Live Racing at Hawthorne

High-Def TV, Contests Galore, Lots of Racing as Hawthorne Returns


The start of 10 consecutive months of racing kicked off last weekend at Hawthorne as thoroughbred racing returns with the start of the spring thoroughbred meet.Brutal winter weather has made for a fortunate break in regards to timing at Hawthorne, but things have been far from quiet during our 10 week break.


Hawthorne in HD


††††††††††††††† While there hasnít been live action on the racetrack, the TV staff at Hawthorne has been hard at work, completing a conversion to HD at Hawthorne.Miles of cable have been run, new television cameras installed, a new control room put in place, and a brand new graphics look are ready to roll with the meet open.This means a clean and crisp picture for those watching Hawthorne, an easy to read graphics setup to attract racing fans to the Hawthorne signal, and seamless transition for the TV department to allow for additional camera looks.

††††††††††††††† While the picture will look great when racing begins on Friday, the process isnít over as additional camera looks will be put into place, giving better views in the paddock for both thoroughbred and harness racing.TVG will be showing racing from Hawthorne as well, with the addition of HD allowing for more races to be shown on the TVG network.


Contests Galore at Hawthorne


††††††††††††††† While the weekend brings back the return of live racing, week two starts our Pool Party and contest setup at Hawthorne.In our second week of the meet, hockey legend Eddie Olczyk will be on hand for the first of our Pool Parties of the year.Eddie will be managing a bankroll of $1,000 with the hopes of cashing in for our lucky guests.Eddie will be in the Turf Club for the event from 5-7 PM, talking horses and hockey.

††††††††††††††† On March 29, our first handicapping contest of the meet takes place and it is an important one.Players will be managing a $500 bankroll as they compete in the open betting format contest.Players will have a chance to win their way into our $2,000 Hawthorne Horseplayers Invitational the following day or win a seat in the 2020 NHC.

††††††††††††††† On Saturday, March 30, over 30 of the top players in the country will be on hand to battle for $10,000, NHC, BCBC and Pegasus Handicapping contest seats in the Hawthorne Horseplayers Invitational.This event will be televised once again on NBCSports Chicago as last yearís champ, Jim Benes, looks for a repeat performance.

††††††††††††††† In addition to the Horseplayers Invitational, a $200 NHC qualifier will also take place on March 30, as Hawthorne once again is a leader when it comes to contest play.For details on all contests and events, visit our website at


A Big Year of Racing


††††††††††††††† From opening weekend through the end of the year, live racing will be taking place here at Hawthorne Race Course.Our spring thoroughbred meet runs through April 27.†† Six days later, live harness racing will be back as the summer meet runs from May 3 through September 22.Fall thoroughbred action is back on October 10, racing through December 28.2019 looks to be a big year for racing at Hawthorne.We hope you can join us throughout the season!

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