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Hawthorne Track to Be Closed January 1-14

Hawthorne Track to Close for Training, January 1-14


                Upon recommendation from the ITHA Track Committee, Hawthorne and the ITHA have agreed to close the Hawthorne racing surface for training from January 1 -14.  During this time period, track maintenance crews will be able to inspect the surface base to ensure its consistency while refreshing the top portion of the racing surface.

                For these two weeks, horsemen are asked to walk their horses only, no shedrowing in the barns while keeping barn doors open to eliminate any possible spread of virus.

                When the track reopens for training on January 15, training hours will be 7:00-11:00 AM, Monday- Saturday, while remaining closed on Sundays in January.  Beginning February 1, the track will open 7 days a week with the above training hours remaining in place through the spring meet.

                “The horsemen approached us asking for considering in closing the track for a couple weeks to get a good, in depth look at the surface,” stated Hawthorne President Tim Carey.  “While both the horsemen, and ourselves believe there is nothing wrong with the track, we haven’t had that extended period to be able to get a full inspection of the surface.  We agree that now is a good opportunity as horses have been racing for the past ten and a half months in Illinois and a two week break may suit them well.”

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