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Hawthorne Backstretch Update, Wednesday, November 28 - Noon

Hawthorne Backstretch Update, Wednesday, November 28 – Noon


                On Monday, November 26, it was reported to the state veterinarian that a horse within Barn 1 at Hawthorne was down in its stall and it was deemed necessary that the horse be euthanized by the practicing veterinarian overseeing that horse.

                Upon the passing of the horse, the horse was removed from the stall and transported to University of Illinois for necropsy to determine to full extent of the horse’s passing.  The stall was cleared and disinfected.  The horse was tested for EHV-1 and did test positive for the virus.  The state and association veterinarians have spoken with the horsemen within Barn 1 and no other horses have displayed any symptoms or fevers.  As a precaution the horsemen within that barn have been asked to train during the later training hours for a period of 7 days while the barn can be monitored.

                Today two more horses that were being monitored within K2-East were released back into the general population, having tested negative for EHV-1.  The remaining horses within K2-East and West are all responding to treatment and recovering.  We expect that within the next week, upon receipt of temperature charts for those in K2-West that some of those horses will be able to return to training.

                As always, we ask that proper care, hygiene and precautions are taking place in regards to this virus.  Good news is cases have become very sporadic and more horses are returning to the general population.  Bad news is that sporadic cases still exist and are treated on a case by case basis.

                I want to thank the horsemen for their support during this meet as we have nearly 1,900 healthy horses that are able to race.  We understand the need for those healthy horses to train and race.  Many people are employed by the racing industry and many owners with healthy horses would like the ability to earn purse money. 

                Again, if horsemen have any questions, we ask that they contact their practicing veterinarian, our association veterinarian or the state veterinarian.


Jim Miller – Assistant General Manager, Hawthorne


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