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Hawthorne Backstretch Update, Wednesday - December 19 - Noon

Hawthorne Backstretch Update, Wednesday, December 19 - Noon


                Today marks 18 days since our last EHV-1 related death.  We are hopeful that there are no more fatalities from this virus and that the virus is running its course.   Since that time, we have had horses that had previously tested positive test negative and be allowed to move back into their barns from quarantine.

                We have also recently had some asymptomatic horses that have been tested and tested positive for EHV-1.  Those horses have been required to be relocated to a quarantine location until they test negative.  The only location where horses are allowed to train from during the later hours is barn K2-East as those are asymptomatic horses.  The final horse within K2-West has tested negative and is allowed to return to its original barn.

                Horsemen have been asking when the quarantine will be lifted.  There is no firm date, there is a time when we can begin the discussion with the Department of Agriculture as cases decrease and more horses test out of quarantine.  We understand that everyone is anxious but we also know that all precautions have to be taken so other tracks will accept horses from Hawthorne.  While 28 days since the last death has been listed in protocols, that is the timeframe for when talks usually begin to allow a lifting of a quarantine, that is not a set in stone time for an end to the quarantine.

                With that being said, we are approaching the final weeks of the fall meet and hopefully the final weeks of quarantine from the EHV-1 virus.  Because of that, we are not allowing any horses to ship into Hawthorne for the remainder of the fall meet as we look to bring this virus to an end.   Once the meet ends, a determination will then be made as to when horses will be allowed to ship in.

                In regards to shipping out of Hawthorne, there is a protocol in place that can be found on the ITHA website ( or information can be obtained at the veterinarian’s office in Barn 8.

                As always, we ask that horsemen continue to use proper care and hygiene around their horses and relay the same to their staff.  In an effort to eliminate the virus, it is also recommended that horsemen put blankets on their horses and leave barn doors open at night as colder temps limit the airborne exposure of the virus.

                We thank you for your cooperation and ask that if horsemen have any questions they get a hold of their veterinarian, the state veterinarian or the association veterinarian.


Jim Miller – Assistant General Manager, Hawthorne Race Course

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