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Hawthorne Backstretch Update - Barn A, 8, K2 Protocol

Hawthorne Backstretch Update Barn A, 8, K2 Protocol

Hawthorne Backstretch Update Barn A, 8, K2 Protocol


This morning we were able to receive updated tests results in regards to the remaining ponies and some of the recently tested horses within Barn A. First, we have the full results of 85 ponies, which have been tested, all 85 ponies tested negative.

Today marks three weeks since the confirmed neurologic cases within Barn A. Since that time, we have been able to move 40 horses, which have tested negative from Barn A into Barn 8 at Hawthorne. Under the directive of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, those horses are now 8 days into their 21-day period before they will be tested again to be reintroduced into the horse population. Because of the State regulations, no new horses can be added to the group within Barn 8 as their reintroduction period has already begun.

While we understand there are logistic problems in locating/relocating horses during this timeframe, we have been able to limit the areas to Barns A, 8, and K2. As more horses are being tested and coming up negative, we are able to create another area for negative horses so they may begin their reintroduction to the horse population. Those horses which have still tested positive will be moved to Barn K2 as all will be put onto the same timeline for testing/reintroduction.

The new negative horses will be allowed to begin training out of Barn A as they begin their 21-day reintroduction process. Additionally, those horses within barn K2, which are asymptomatic and have had no fever within the last week will also be able to return to the track to train. Their 21-day reintroduction period will begin when the horses within Barn K2 test negative.

We understand this is a logistical nightmare for many and we thank everyone for their cooperation through this process. There are many owners, trainers, veterinarians, and employees that have been displaced through this process. This is time consuming, but we are working to get as many healthy horses back to the track as quickly as possible under the guidelines presented to us by the Department of Agriculture for the State of Illinois.

Based on the amount of horses that will be returning to training, training hours will be adjusted beginning Saturday, November 10. Starting Saturday morning, regular training hours will be from 6:00 10:00 AM with one break at 8:00 AM. The starting gate will be available from 7:30 9:30 AM. Training for horses from Barns A, 8 and K2 will be 10:00 Noon.

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