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Handicapping Tournaments Resume Sunday!

Handicapping Tournaments Resume

By M. Scott McMannis

Do you think you’re a good handicapper?

Do you want to be rewarded for your skill?

If so, you should be on the third floor Sunday as the fall series of handicapping tournaments resumes with fall tournament #2.

This fall there are eight handicapping tournaments in the series, down from the number during last spring’s series so that the time commitment for players is not as intense.  The first tourney in this fall’s series was held last weekend.  See the results in the accompanying box.

As you can see from the first tourney results, prizes are paid to the top ten finishers.  Club Hawthorne points are awarded to all 10, and the top five finishers also receive a free entry into the $50,000 (projected) Heavyweight Championship of Handicapping to be held December 2 & 3.  More on the Heavyweight Championship in a future track program cover story, or you can learn more on the Hawthorne web site.

In addition to the prizes for the top ten finishers each week, as shown, participants in each weekly tournament earn points, based on their finish position in each weekly tournament, toward the series championship.  The contestant earning the most points over the course of the eight tournaments will be declared the Fall Series Champion.  For his or her achievement, the top finisher will win a trip for two to Jamaica (can you say, “Cool, Mon!”) courtesy of Air Jamaica and Super Clubs, a champion’s jacket, and a trophy.

Each tournament requires wagering across the board on five specified Hawthorne races.  You begin with an imaginary bankroll of $1,200, and you must bet anywhere from 10% to 50% of your bankroll on each race.  You determine the percentage and therefore the amount.

Entry fee for each tournament is $20, which not only allows you to play in the tournament but also earns you premiums.  You should study the complete rules for the tournaments beforehand.  The rules are available at the Customer Service booth on the first floor, in the Handicapping & Business Center on the third floor, and on the Hawthorne web site.

Top 10 Winners, Saturday, 9/16/06 Tourney

1. Cleveland Boyd    25,000 points, free entry.   6. Doug Brown   1,000 points.

2. Chris Bedore         10,000 points, free entry.   7. Al Koper         1,000 points.

3. Gordon Hoppe        5,000 points, free entry.   8. Sally Jestice     1,000 points.

4. Jim Wissig              3,500 points, free entry.   9. Wolf Wissig     1,000 points.

5. Larry Garrett           1,500 points, free entry. 10. Rich Hoffman 1,000 points.


Remaining Fall Tournament Schedule

Tourney #2: Sunday, 9/24/06

Tourney #3: Saturday, 10/7/06

Tourney #4: Sunday, 10/15/06

Tourney #5: Sunday, 11/5/06

Tourney #6: Sunday, 11/19/06

Tourney #7: Sunday, 12/10/06

Tourney #8: Sunday, 12/17/06 


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