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Beer Fest Take Two: This Time It's For Real

Despite impeccable planning and heartfelt enthusiasm, Hawthorne Race Course’s opening night, June 22, was cancelled due to…well, let’s just say, business matters, far beyond kicks and giggles.

Now it is truly time for a hearty celebration. The summer harness meet is well underway and the racing has been first rate, so, on Saturday, July 21, Hawthorne will host Brew Fest Take Two, for all those who like racing…and a great time.

For a mere $3.00 admission, you will get

The prizes are courtesy of Apple Vacations, Riu Hotels & Resorts, and Seven Bridges Golf Club.

Oh yeah, you want to know about the beer?

You’ll be able to taste a variety of Craft Beers, including Goose Island, Harrison’s Brewery and Flatlander’s Brewery-in all, more than 25 different beers available to taste!

A 6 oz. taster beer will cost you only $1.00…and we promise to keep the brew flowing until 11:00 pm.

Also, from 6:30-8:30pm, you can hang out with ESPN’s John “Jurko” Jurkovic.  Tell him how you feel about the state of Chicago sports, and be sure to throw in a few Nascar questions; it’s sure to keep him smiling.

The Brew Fest is really here. Barring circumstances of apocalyptic magnitude, the show will go on. What’s the best part about the delay?  The beer will be three weeks colder.

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