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An Exotic Bet Like None Other!

While it was only a week ago that Hawthorne was lauding the historic carryover to its Pick Six, two new wagers are now available that put all Pick Six pools to shame.

The wagers are known as the V75 and V64, the “V” standing for victory, and the numbers representing the amount of races you have to win in order to cash. In other words, “Victory in 7 to 5 Races” or “Victory in 6 to 4 Races.”

The V75 is essentially a Pick Seven and the V64 is a Pick Six, but unlike the Pick Six available at places like Santa Anita, Aqueduct and Hawthorne, these wagers are offered for as little as a dime and the pools routinely reach several million dollars! Winners have collected in excess of $4 million on more than one occasion!

The V75 is held every Saturday, from various harness tracks in Sweden, where the standardbred takes center stage. Post time in Chicago will be 7:00 am, and yes, both bets are on the trotters, where the popularity of harness racing has remained strong.

Not to worry, past performances will be available well in advance, and if you choose not to spend the time handicapping the sequence of races, the fine people who deliver this product offer an affable horse named “Harry Boy,” who systematically spits out “logical” quick picks; good old Harry actually calculates the horses chances. Not too shabby a service!

Bill Finley of offered a wonderful example of how inexpensive playing this game can be, even for the larger player: If you used three horses in all seven races, the bet would only cost $218.70, and obviously you can play for as little as the ten-cent minimum.

The V64 will be conducted on Wednesdays, and while the concept is exactly the same as the V75, all the races will be run at the Solvalla race track in Stockholm, Sweden and the minimum wager is twenty cents.  Post time is 12:00 pm central time.

The wager, though relatively new in the United States, is offered in Denmark, Holland, Estonia, Austria and Germany.

All the races will be shown live at Hawthorne! Check our website or visit for more details.

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