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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you have live racing?
How do I get there?
Where can I park?
Where do I go once I arrive?
Want to arrive in style at Hawthorne Race Course?
I want to decorate for my event, what are your policies?
Spending the Night in the Area?
Do you have an ATM?
Do you have Elevators and Escalators?
Where are your restrooms?
Handicapped Accessibility and Wheelchair Assistance
Where can I smoke at Hawthorne Race Course?
Can I bring my camera?
I want to conduct Advertising and Promotions how do I do this?
I want to conduct Soliciting / Sampling at Hawthorne, can I?
Can I post a message on your outdoor Marquee, how do I do this?

Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Drugs
Bag / Purse / Stroller Search
Facility Management
Firearms / Fireworks / Knives
First Aid / Medical Service
Lost & Found
Prohibited Items

Hawthorne Race Course is an equal opportunity employer.  

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